Saturday, April 22, 2006

Develop Marketing Strategy With Predictable ROI

New Book - Formula For marketing Success - Illustrates how to predict results, in advance and how to make it happen.

Montrose, CO, April 20, 2006 --(PR.COM)-- Gerald Harrington's New Book- “Formula For marketing Success” – Illustrating, how to predict marketing results is now available.

Predicting the outcome is absolutely possible, and author, Gerald Harrington has detailed a book that will prove this and more. Formula for Marketing Success is easy to understand and will make believers of us all.

The main purpose of “Formula For Marketing Success” was to outline how to predict results, perhaps even better known as Return On Investment (ROI), in advance of making the marketing expenditure. You will see the methods used in developing actual programs wherein each reached 94% of the projected goal.

To best understand the process of setting an objective one must first determine if the goal or objective is reasonably obtainable. Objectives cannot be outside the scope of the capabilities. There also must be an appreciation for gathering all the facts. It is only with all the information can a true target objective be structured.

Harrington said. “Having developed and implemented marketing campaigns for more than twenty-five years I personally have predicted resulting within ten percent and what was even more exciting was that 6% was the average”.

Writing was never Harrington’s interest yet wanting to document how strategies are concluded became the primary thought and what could be better than to gathered it from actual experience. Then at prompting from associates, “Formula For Marketing Success” came to be.

Mr. Harrington’s career included engineering, in new product development, national sale director and as GM of 480 employee manufacturing facility. These experiences provided a solid background when Harrington launched into the field of market consulting. His expertise made it easy to communicate with the various decision makers within the corporate structure.

So that the book would not be outdated at the first printing Harrington spent nearly two years researching Internet marketing for the last chapter titled, "Internet Yes or No?" This now will most likely be Harrington’s next area of interest. His answer, when asked about the area of Internet marketing, was, “Many known marketing principles can be employed for Internet marketing however, it must be used in a very disciplined manor. While the consumer remains virtually the same buying methods are changing and the Internet marketer must both comply and at the same time attempt to direct to stay above the “Internet Noise Level.”